Comedian Alibaba lashes out on Nigerians who feel ashamed to greet the African way

The ace comedian shared this photo above showing the newly appointed UK prime minister, Theresa May, as she courtesies to greet the queen of England shortly after her appointment yesterday July 13th. According to him, if Theresa May isn't ashamed to express herself culturally, Nigerians should not be ashamed of greeting as our culture demands. He wrote

  "After now some people will be saying they are too exposed and educated to greet the African way. No be a whole prime minister dey butu so? Being educated or widely travelled doesn't mean you should jettison your culture or respect for elders or authority. Even the people in the west bow in respect or curtsy when they greet. And that is butu. So let it be known henceforth, If I catch any Nigerian butu at attention una go hear my voice... Nonsense!"

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