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Question and answer session with Mr Chris Goodbourn of BCUIC @ Birmingham City University

(1) Where is Birmingham?
Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city, based right in the centre of the UK. It’s the multicultural hub of the UK, with over 1 million people, and many amazing things to do.

(2) How do you get to Birmingham?
Birmingham is the central hub of all UK transport. You can fly into Birmingham International Airport with many European airlines, and the airport is then just a 10 minute train journey to the city centre, or a 20 minute taxi ride to most places in the city!

(3) How much is the school fees?
School fees vary between £11,000 and £12,850 per year for standard academic year (two semesters), plus around £9,000 per year for living expenses. UK education isn’t too cheap, but our fees represent a really cost effective option for studying in the UK.

(4) How many installments?
You pay your tuition fees per semester (every three to four months) so your payments can be spaced out over the academic year.

(5) Is there scholarship?
Yes, we have a great range of limited partial scholarships this summer, ranging from £5000 to £1000 discount from your first year fees. Come and visit me at one of my appointments and I will be able to advise the criteria.

(6) Is there full scholarship?
Unfortunately not, students need to be able to fund their studies for their full degree, and the partial scholarships are there to reward strong academic ability.

(7)  Can I work while studying?
Yes, students are able to work part time for 20 hours per week. BCU OpportUNIty programme is on hand to offer vacancies within the University. Remember working in the UK is a great chance to get some real work experience, but won’t supplement all your funds, you need to have financial support at home. Opportunities within the university are listed here:

(8) How are the living conditions at Birmingham
Birmingham is fantastic, I’ve been living here about 7 months now and I’ve loved the diversity, the amazing shopping and huge range of activities. From concerts to theatre to the cinema there are great things to do, and the range of restaurant options is amazing.

(9) Is Birmingham too cold?
The UK is definitely colder than Nigeria, but being right in the centre of the UK means we have less rain, less winds, and more dry days than the rest of the UK. You’ll soon adapt to the British weather, and you can always pick up a waterproof coat to keep you dry and warm!

(10)   Is there African shop?
Absolutely, Birmingham is very multicultural, check out the “Divine” restaurant, serving up Suya, Moi Moi, Fried Plantain, their “Naija” Pepper soup, bitter leaf and Ogbono soups! Just like home!

(11)  How is the security at Birmingham?
Birmingham is a large city, and all cities have their risks, but the UK is a very safe country, and all types of crime are very rare.

Come and meet Chris at the following locations:
Tuesday 26th July 3pm – 5pm
BCIE Abuja
24B Djibouti Crescent, off Freetown Street, behind Rockview Hotel
the 5th House after Zartech, Wuse 2

Friday 26th July 9.15am – 11.30am
BCIE Ikeja
Valley View Plaza, 99 Opebi Road, Ikeja

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