Young man shot in the leg by Police Inspector during raid on Okada riders in Ketu

An innocent young man was allegedly shot in the Leg by a Police inspector, during a raid on Okada men in Ketu, Lagos on the 23rd of October, 2016. Not only was he still dragged to the Police station, there was also a failed attempt to cover up the incident. Read below.
"His name is Omojuwa Samuel, a resident of Kosofe at Omojuwa street, Ketu, Lagos and he's just 20 years old. If the Nigerian police wanted to arrest him, they could have just done that without shooting him.
Samuel just came back from watching a football match in his area when he was shot by his house. I was a witness right there. The police men, most of them in polos and only one in Uniform, were conducting a raid on bike men in the area and people around were not even sure about who they were."

"Armed with cutlasses and guns, they were beating all boys around there over a bribe I'm sure they wanted to collect. The street thugs were gathering to react when the Police began shooting to scare them off. Samuel was just in front of his house tying his shoe lace when he was shot in the leg the moment he raised his head. These policemen immediately began to drag him on the floor to the bus stop where their patrol bus was parked, and it was a very long distance."

"They took him to the police station at Ketu and locked him up with a bullet in his leg. When his family members got there, the policemen tried to twist the story, saying the people responsible were not from Ketu police station. They also lied that the case has been transferred to Ikeja. His relatives however struggled to enter and got to know he was actually there."

"The DPO at Ketu police station claimed that the cutlasses they used in beating boys were recovered during their patrol. This was however used to also injure innocent people. He wanted to transfer Samuel to a police hospital so they would remove the bullet and close the case but his family refused and took him to the National Orthodaedic Hospital, Igbobi . He's currently there and is being treated. The bullet hasn't been removed because it's in his bone. His family is the one taking care of the expenses without help from the police."

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