America gospel rapper, Ry Money sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing a friend

The 26-year-old gospel rapper has been sentenced to Eighteen years in prison for killing a man with his car.

Ryan Salandy, A.K.A Ry Money, was convicted in September 2016 after admitting to hitting a certain William McDaniel, a music producer that worked with Ryan, with his vehicle.

The incident took place in September 2015 when Ryan became angry following an argument with McDaniel.

The two had a dispute over CDs, according to the State’s Attorney’s Office. Ryan paid McDaniel $300 to burn 150 CDs containing his music, but an issue developed.

A witness told detectives that Ryan drove away after he and McDaniel exchanged words, but returned shortly after the argument.

The witness said Ryan began speeding toward McDaniel and struck him, then quickly fled the scene.

Ryan’s mother called police and told them her son was involved, adding he could be found at their home.

Investigators say Ryan was travelling between 37 and 49 miles per hour when he hit McDaniel. The man reportedly rolled over the hood of Ryan’s car, which sent him soaring in the air before he fell to his death.

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