'Amnesty International', claim Nigerian Army killed 150 Pri-Biafra agitators

A civil rights group has faulted a report by the "Amnesty International", claiming that the Nigerian Army has killed 150 pri-Biafra agitators.

SUN Director of Public Affairs, Ms. Christie Amor said Amnesty International was trying to destroy Nigeria, just like it did Libya, Iran and Syria.

Amir also said Amnesty International has lost credibility because its recent reports have contained false claims.

She said,
“In early 2011, Amnesty International gave the world a bogus report on whose strength a no-fly zone was imposed on Libya. The sequence of events after this led to the ouster and eventual murder of Muammar Qaddaffi. By June of the same year, the same AI’s investigation admitted that it could not prove that Qaddaffi’s troops committed the rights violations as it previously claimed. Instead, AI found that the so-called rebels ‘made false claims and manufactured evidence.’

“In 1990, AI was pivotal to the decision by members of a western coalition to invade Iraq and consequently sparked off the chain of events that produced today’s basket case called Iraq.”

She said the Amnesty International has shifted its attention to Nigeria and repeatedly tried to start an uprising.

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