"I feel that most men that don't have emotions". - says Ex-Nollywood Actress Victoria Inyama, in an open letter to all mothers out there

Ex-Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama write out an open letter to all mothers, advising them to raise their sons well.. With love, prayers and more. This to her will ensure that boys grow up to be a better man.

Read her letter below..

To all d moms <<
Do you show your sons love? Like loving them & showing them genuine sincere love. I feel that most men that don't have emotions & are not sensitive is just cause they don't know what love is. How can they give what they don't have.
So pls my fellow moms to boys that will grow to  be  men< Give him night kisses

    Let's reduce Further future Abuse Against Women
    Lets start today, For d Sake of our Daughters
    #living #loving #learning

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