47 year old Rapist who molested teenage girl for years wins restraining order against her after she punched him in the face

Sometimes the legal system put in place to protect victims can turn around to protect criminals and this is one of such cases. A rapist who attacked a girl no fewer than 22 times over a five year period and got her pregnant has been granted a restraining order against the girl after she punched him in the face.

47-year-old Wayne Pickering from Hull, East Yorkshire UK continuously molested the teenager in spite of pleas by her for him to stop on a number of occasions. To deal with the unavoidable abuse, the girl revealed that she covered her face with a pillow while he raped her and was powerless to resist him. She also revealed that she terminated the pregnancy resulting from the rape.

During a chance encounter with her abuser, the victim punched Pickering in the face and he was granted a restraining order against her. Another judge has labeled this decision as 'a grotesque subversion of reality.'

The restraining order notwithstanding, Wayne Pickering has been jailed for 15 years after being convicted at the Hull Crown Court by a jury on a three-counts charge of rape and indecent assault. Pickering initially tried to deny the allegations against him but the court ruling went in favour of the victim.

In a victim statement released by the prosecutor, the victim revealed that she did not tell anyone of the abuse because she felt no one would believe her.

"I often feel sick to the stomach that I allowed that to happen but did not tell anyone. I feel that I'm broken and can't be fixed. I wish I could erase my brain and start again." She revealed in the statement.

Pickering, even after serving his term, must sign the sex offenders register for life.

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