Comedian Elenu explains why comedians have the prettiest wives

Even a blind person would attest to the fact that most Nigerian comedians have some of the prettiest women in their homes and sharing their beds.

Often fair-skinned and gorgeous, the wives of many Nigerian comedians cannot be waved aside as far as beauty is concerned. This has led to a debate among the general populace, as some posit that all women love men with rich sense of humour, while others conclude that for these women, it is all about the money.

On a quest to find out the true picture, Sunday Scoop spoke with comedian, Akinlami Babatunde Julius aka Elenu. He said, “I may not be able to categorically answer your question as I cannot speak for anybody else but myself. However, I believe that despite the constant jokes and carefree nature of most comedians, we are actually very romantic. Comedians know how to treat women well and they don’t hesitate to do that. Naturally, I like to make the people around me happy as I believe we only live once.”

Elenu, who is married to Chinwe, also shared his awkward experience while proposing to his wife. “When I first proposed to my wife, she actually laughed as she thought I was joking. But since I was already used to that, I had to convince her that I was for real,” he said.

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