This transgender man gave birth to 2 kids before he became a man - (Photos)

This trans man, Amari Jayce was a mother in 2007, but in 2013 he became a father after his transitioning. He shares before and after photos of when he was a woman and now on Instagram.

According to him, he has been transitioning for 4 years and it’s the best thing that ever happened to him. Read his posts and see more photos of him and his kids below… (One of his kids is not his biological).

“Human then… Human now! 👊🏽 I have been transitioning going on 4 years, this year in August… and although I’ve experienced a couple things, transition related, I could have done without… this transition from female to male, has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me, besides birthing my 2 children. I am so in love with the man that I am today and BECAUSE of that, I would want nothing more than for every man/woman, boy/girl, that may feel they’re uncomfortable in the skin they’re in, to feel the happiness I feel today. THAT is why I choose to keep my transition public! At the end of the day I am a man and a father… but if my decision to ignore others opinions and TAKE my own happiness will inspire others, in all walks of life, then WHY NOT?! #weallhaveapurpose #inspire #motivate #iamamarijayce #transisbeautiful #femaletomale #ftm #menlikeus #nootherway #happysaturday #livelife #behappy #takeyourhappiness #onelife #iloveme #loveyou #thankyouforthesupport #iloveyouguys

She went through the struggles that gave me the strength to get through this life, she gave me 2 beautiful lives and experienced the beauty of of pregnancy, twice… she struggled for 27 years in a body she didn’t belong in, she gained the strength to also follow her heart and refuse to let anyone stop her from choosing to be happy despite the trials she knew she’d have to face because of it…. SHE became HE to save ME. I am not ashamed of who I used to be. I never will be. I will always speak of her with the utmost respect!▪️ #transisbeautiful #iamamarijayce #transgender #femaletomale #ftm #menlikeus #proud #transdad #iliveforthem #hateitorloveit #luckyman”

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