”Everyone in Nigeria is Living in danger and fear” – Femi Falana claims

”Everyone-in-Nigeria-is-Living-in-danger-and-fear” – Femi-Falana-claims
Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana told Punch in an interview that it is an irony that those clamouring for the division of Nigeria are not consistently at the regions considered as their origin – while Nnamdi Kanu(IPOB leader) together with his wife has dual citizenship, Yerima Shetima (leader of Northern coalition that gave quit notice to Igbos) lives in Lagos.

He said:

"It is an irony that Kanu, who is leading the struggle for the balkanization of Nigeria, has dual citizenship, while Mr. Shettima Yerima, who gave the quit notice to Igbo people in the North lives in Lagos.

Everybody’s life is in danger. Nigerians are shot dead in their homes by armed robbers or on the roads by soldiers or policemen or by armed herdsmen on their farm. Even Pres. Muhammadu Buhari had to be flown to Britain for medical attention because his life was in danger here.”

He says it is not fear that made the Buhari administration to IPOB a terrorist organisation but the belief that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. Therefore, anyone who threatens the unity of Nigeria has to be crushed or jailed.

On Aisha Alhassan’s statement saying she would support President Buhari in 2019,
he said.

Madam Aisha Alhassan is a conscious reactionary lady…Like the President’s wife, who said she might not campaign for her husband (in 2019), Mrs Alhassan has boldly said that she would prefer Alhaji Atiku to Buhari in 2019. Unfortunately, her preference is not anchored on ideology or principle.

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