Two schoolboys die after drinking acid they thought it was juice | Photo

Two young boys in India died at a birthday party after drinking acid they mistook for fruit juice. The boys died in agony after the horrifying mistake in Banglaore, southern India.

Aryan Singh, 9, was with his best friend Sahil Sankar, as they celebrated Sahil’s eight birthday.

After having food, the boys happened to see a liquid stored in a glass bottle. Presuming the liquid to be a cold drink, the duo reportedly consumed it.

After swigging the contents, however, they collapsed in pain and died – doctors confirmed they had died from poisoning.

It emerged that Sahil’s father is a goldsmith, who had reportedly stored the acid in an old fruit juice bottle at his home.

A city police spokesman told local media:

    “It was Sahil’s birthday today. His father had kept the acid in the juice bottle. Thinking it was juice, the boys drank it.”

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