Azealia Banks has just started feuds with Remy Ma on Instagram

Azealia Banks seems to have started feud with Remy Ma on Instagram, accusing the rapper of falsely claiming she's had a positive effect on the music industry.

Banks kicked things off by quoting Remy from a recent interview, when she referred to her 2014 return from jail by saying: "When I came home it was nothing. It was tumbleweeds blowing through as far as female artists is concerned."

However, Banks took to her Twitter page to disagree with Remy's statement.
"Remy - the hottest things you've released since you've been out of jail are Nicki love letters and she's still miles more important than you... Ahem.... let me rephrase ... Remy ... you absolutely must step your s**t up. The music you have been releasing is some serious old head rap s**t and it's 100 per cent unfair that you stand up on your reality tv booster seat and make any statements about female rap as if you have done a single thing to move the cultural needle since you've been home. It is not 2000," she wrote, taking aim at Remy's former involvement in reality series Love & Hip-Hop.
Unwilling to take Banks' criticism, Remy was quick to respond, sharing several screenshots of text messages she had allegedly received from Banks requesting a collaboration with her.
"Ayo, I know you ain’t (sic) talkin about me, dog. You? What?! You been on my d**k; you love my style," Remy captioned the numerous screenshots. "Ps: I know you don’t want no smoke so I’ll play ya lil social media games until I allow my team to convince me to stop."
The alleged messages also saw Banks slamming Nicki Minaj, with whom she recently made amends after a long-running feud.

"DONT F**KIN CHANGE YA CAPTION NOW!" Remy added. "I got a year and a half more of u stalking me, hating on ya new fave, & getting ignored... I’m officially airing out ALL y’all chicks that was on MY line heavy when I touched down & now all of a sudden got amnesia."

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