Justin Bieber thinks 'She's The One' after reconciling with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is head over heels for Selena Gomez and couldn’t be happier he reconciled with ‘his one.’ We have learned why he believes this was the perfect timing for them to start dating again.

'As far as Justin’s concerned, Selena’s always been ‘the one,’ and no other girl’s ever come even close to her. Not only do Justin’s family and friends love Selena for who she is, but they also love her for the calming effect she’s had on him. When things have gotten really hectic for Justin, it has always been Selena that can talk him down from the ledge, better than anyone else,’ one insider close to the stars dished.

It was also reported that even when they were fighting in the past, or after breaking up, Justin has always known she was the one for him.

In his heart of hearts, he was convinced they’d eventually end up running right back to each other.

‘She is the woman he loves more than anyone, and she is the women he imagines himself having children with and growing old with,’ our source claims.

Of course, the Jelena fans were very happy to see them get together once more and now that they are hanging out more and more, it looks like they’re doing better than ever.

Following Selena’s kidney transplant, the star has been appreciating life like never before and is determined to keep those important to her by her side.

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