Australia's oldest woman aged 112 reveals secrets to her long life (Photos)

The oldest woman in Australia, Peg Vivian, from Perth has credited her long life to exercise and eating slowly, according to Dailymail reports.
The woman who celebrated her 112th birthday on Monday with her family, including her 82-year-old daughter did yoga until she was 98 and water aerobics until she turned 108, her son, Tom, told the West Australian.

Ms Peg Vivian turned 112 on Monday
After celebrating her 112th birthday on Monday, the oldest woman in Australia has revealed her secret. 

'She's still got the same wit and spark in her,' her granddaughter, Lynn Bowler, told The West Australian.

Ms Vivian fled Scotland during WWI when she was just 10-years-old.

She travelled by boat to Perth with her brother and sister, with her parents following on a separate ship soon after.
The 112-year-old married her husband Jack and had a son and daughter. She now has five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Her daughter, Peggy, has been living with her for the last 12 years to help out. Ms Vivian, who never smoked and hardly drank alcohol, has credited an active lifestyle, eating right for her long life.

'I think I've always sort of tried to do the right thing as far as my diet goes,' Ms Vivian added.

'I'm very thankful that I'm still here.' 

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