Why Obasanjo’s son and Baba Ijebu’s daughter's marriage crashed

The marriage between Olujonwo, one of the sons of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, and Tope, the daughter of Chief Adebutu Kessington aka Baba Ijebu, has reportedly hit the rocks.

According to Kemi Ashefon, the grand marriage conducted between May 11 and 13, 2017, has run into troubled waters after the man complained repeatedly of being assaulted by his wife.

Olujonwo has also reportedly absconded from the couple’s matrimonial home.

A source told the society journalist, “He (Olujonwo) left home around October 2017, which was about five months after his wedding to Adebutu’s daughter. The girl is violent, slaps him and assaults him at will. She would tell Jonwo that she thought he is from a rich family but that she discovered he’s poor!”

The source reportedly added, “After their marriage, he was giving her N100,000 as feeding allowance for the home and she complained bitterly. She was not comfortable with Jonwo’s prudence and that had always been an issue with them even before they got married. She would assault him but he has never laid a hand on her because of his nature. Aside that, she would threaten to destroy his name in the media if he retaliates.”

Speaking on Jonwo’s whereabouts, the source added, “The last time I spoke with him, he was not in Nigeria. He had to abandon the home because his father and in-law insisted he stayed with his wife despite the fact that he has reported her violent acts to them. They don’t want the marriage to crash in order to save their faces.”

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