71-year-old man who married 3 times, to transform into a woman

71 year old man to transform to woman
A former bus driver who was born as male and has been married to three women is having a sex change aged 71 to end the “living hell”. Simone – not her real name – used to wear a man’s uniform for work and dated and married women as she tried to conform.

But Simone could not hide who she really was – and began dressing as a woman at her Walsall home while wearing stockings and ladies’ underwear beneath her driving uniform.

She was even accused of cheating on a girlfriend who found female clothes in her wardrobe, Birmingham Live reports.

Simone fought her true feelings for most of her life as, realising she identified as a woman, she tried to fit in with the world around her.

But now she is divorcing her third wife – and will have surgery to complete her transformation in June.

Simone bravely spoke of her ordeal ahead of International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31.

The event is dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination worldwide.

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