Checkout this epic throwback photo of Phyno when he was just a 'friend'

A throwback photo has been trending online showing the period when popular Nigerian rapper, Phyno, was just a 'friend'.

Before he became the buzzing rapper he now is, Nigerian artist, Phyno was once upon a time, a total nobody in the entertainment industry. And even though he actually 'rolled' with some artists with whom he was friends, nobody paid him any mind.

A new throwback photo making some waves around the internet, has shed some light on the period when Phyno was unknown and his talent still untapped.

The photo shows Phyno sitting on the same table with Nigerian singers, TJ, Slow Dog. TJ and Slow Dog were among the artistes who made serious buzz in the early 2000s.

Now, what caught people's attention was what was written on the photo. The caption read: "TJ, Slow Dog and a friend". Apparently Phyno was not worth mentioning because he was a nobody.

However, fast forward to many years later, today, Phyno is one of the biggest names in the world of Nigerian Hip Hop music. The amusing thing is, TJ and Slow Dog are nowhere to be found now.

Nigerians on social media have used the photo to advise themselves on not shunning others because of their current status because no one knows tomorrow.

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