You won't believe why 31-year-old man stages the kidnap of his own daughter

father stages daughter's kidnap
A man has staged the kidnap of his own daughter from a playground, causing quite a stir and leaving many shocked, according Metro UK reports.

CCTV footage captured a pretend abductor, played by an actor, approach the girl and carry her away from a park.
The girl’s mother, who was not informed about the stunt, briefly turns away in the clip and is stunned to find her child vanished moments later. She’s seen frantically searching for the missing child in Surgut, central Russia.

But the girl’s 31-year-old dad had staged the whole thing.

He said: ‘She is my daughter and she knew all about it. She agreed to take part in our social experiment video.’

The aim of the bizarre test was to highlight to the authorities of the lack of security around playgrounds.

Authorities have since announced they will improve security in the near future, reports say.

The mother, who is herself an actress, apparently took the news of the stunt well. But some residents in Surgut condemned the idea.

Fedor Grojs├ó, who lives nearby, said: ‘What a peculiar prank.
‘Children being kidnapped from playgrounds is not a big thing, I think it is all very silly.’

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