A Movie Director once asked me to kiss him inside his hotel room - Omoni Oboli

Veteran Nigerian actress, Omoni Oboli has finally revealed how she was sexually harassed by a movie director.

The mother-of-three who recently released her book, "The Stars are Ageless" - a tell-all book about her life, marriage and career, however omitted the sexual harassment part in the story.
Speaking with Pulse, the actress said many years of taking a break from the film industry to complete her studies, she was desperate to get back before the camera.

That was when she got a call from a director who was shooting a movie in Asaba, and wanted her to come over. She was really surprised and excited.

She went to Asaba. After arriving there, the director told her to come to his hotel room for the script.

"So I went to Asaba and he said I should come to his hotel. To be honest, I didn't really think much of it because a lot of movies are shot in hotels.

People don't have offices [so] they use hotels. So I went [to the hotel]. It was a big room and had a lounge area." the actress said.

While they were in his hotel room, the director told her to kiss him, adding that it was part of the audition process.

"I asked why. I think he saw my reaction because I was quite shocked - [then] he goes, "oh no, it's part of the audition."

She told the director: ”No, I can’t kiss you. Aside from the fact that I am married, I really don’t think it’s a good audition process. If you want me to read, I would read, and you can see if I am good enough for this character you have called me for, but I am not going to kiss you”.

The disappointed director said it was okay if she didn’t want to kiss him and asked her to come on set the next day for the role. Omoni went the next day and couldn’t get the role. Two days later she had to leave Asaba for Lagos

“I borrowed myself brain, entered  a bus and went back to Lagos. Till today, I haven’t acted any film by that director.Yes, when there are men and women, you would be propositioned. It’s left for you to make the decision – “no, I am not going to do this”, she said.

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