DNA test reveals Kenyan Governor impregnated his wife's sister who was abducted, killed along with her unborn child

A Kenyan Governor is currently in hot soup after DNA test confirmed he impregnated his wife's sister who was stabbed to death together with the unborn child.

Seven months pregnant university student, Sharon Otieno, was earlier this month, abducted together with Daily Nation journalist, Barrack Oduor, and was later found dead.

The 26-year-old second year Medical Records and Information student at Rongo University, was known for a flashy lifestyle and powerful connections.

A postmortem examination on late Sharon's body revealed that she was strangled, stabbed eight times and raped by her assailants. She was stabbed four times at the back, three times on the neck and once on the left side of her abdomen. Her unborn baby was also stabbed.

Government Chief Pathologist Johansen Oduor established that there were elements of rape surrounding her death. Used condoms were also found around where her body was discovered.

One Geoffrey had taken to Facebook to celebrate her death, saying that sponsors (sugar daddies)  should continue to kill women who sleep with married men.

"R. I. P is not enough. Sponsors will continue killing this useless women who want to sleep with married men forgetting that men of their age also deserve a chance to open their legs and start hustle together. This is a, lesson. Meanwhile sponsors will kill you all.
Obado's wife is rejoicing whenever she is for the devil who has been giving her sleepless nights is no more." he wrote.
Now, a paternity test by the government has proven that Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado was the biological father of his wife's late sister's baby who was stabbed to death alongside the mother.

The governor had earlier admitted he had an affair with the deceased lady but denied he had anything to do with her kidnapping and death.

According to TUKO News, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives are planning to invite the governor for questioning over the cold-blood murder of the 26-year-old lady whom the governor had an illicit affair with and impregnated.

The detectives are also expected to interrogate Obado's wife, Hellen, after it emerged she exchanged some provocative text messages with Sharon a few days before the seven-month pregnant woman was found dead.

It was also revealed that after Obado’s wife sister became pregnant, she was summoned by angry relatives who accused her of crossing the bloodline. The deceased was pressured to terminate the pregnancy to avoid a curse, but she ignored and wanted to have the baby.

The detectives are also looking at Hellen's brother, Naftali Odie, as yet another person of interest in the homicide.

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