French Rapper Nick Conrad could be jailed for calling whites babies to be killed and their parents hanged in song ‘Hang The Whites’ (Video)

A French rapper Nick Conrad has caused outrage after calling for white babies to be killed and their parent hanged in a video showing a white man being tortured, shot and hanged from a tree.

The rapper could be arrested for his song that called for white babies and their parents to be hanged. The extreme lyrics have sparked outrage online for the up and coming artist.

According to BBC report, A BBC presenter who bears the same name with the rapper has received death threats meant for the rapper who released a music video calling for white babies to be killed.

Nick Conrad whose track and career had gone largely unnoticed until the video came to the public's attention this week, was interviewed by police on Friday and ordered to stand trial on January 9.

According to the nine-minute video, first published on YouTube, shows a white man being shot and tortured by the rapper and an accomplice. YouTube has suspended the artist account for violating the company’s terms of service.


Part of the lyrics reads;
“I go into creches and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents.”
Click HERE to watch the video.

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