DJ Cuppy replies Speed Darlington after he said he wants her money not pu**y

Prominent Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy has replied Speed Darlington after he said he wants her money and not what is in-between her legs.

Speed Darlington addressed the billionaire daughter in one of his Instagram videos and she replied not quite long on Twitter.

In the video, Speed Darlington said he has decided that money is more important than “pu**y” so he asked DJ Cuppy to close her legs and give him money instead. Though most notably, he pronounced “Cuppy” as “Kupe”.

The Bang Dadadang singer said;

I have decided to keep my mind on the money over p***y. Money is absolutely incredibly powerful. I need that for my presidential bid.

So Kupe. DJ Kupe, I think. CLose your leg, give me money, let’s do the damn thing. I’m ready. I got fire to spit on your record. Let’s do the damn thing. Just make sure you load my pocket.

I hear your dad is dripping with cash. My Benzo needs some repair.

In a reply on Twitter, DJ Cuppy who didn’t react to the money for sex talk, she found the pronunciation of her name ridiculous. She wrote;

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!? …My name is pronounced as DJ “Copy” not DJ “Kupe” ?? Taink you.

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