Las Vegas brothel owner, Dennis Hof found dead with a s*x toy

Famed Las Vegas brothel owner and state Assembly candidate Dennis Hof was found dead completely naked in bed with a Magic Wand s*x toy.

Hof, owned the Love Ranch brothel which made headlines three years ago after then-NBA star Lamar Odom was found unconscious after an overdose in one of the brothel's suit.

Source told DailyMail that Hof's  mouth was open with a slight smile on his face, his eyes were half closed. His right arm was by his side with his hand palm up next to his side.

His left hand was raised approximately nine inches off the ground, suspended in mid-air. Rigor mortis had set in.

Hof, 72, had had sex with one of his own prostitutes not long before he died, according to the DailyMail reports.

Apart from the brothels in Nevada, Las Vegas, Hof owned a number of other brothels.

While Hof frequently made headlines related to his brothels, he made national news in June when he won the Republican primary for Assembly District 36. Hof called himself the "Trump from Pahrump" and had released a book called "The Art of the Pimp" in 2015.

Hof was no stranger to controversy. He was facing an allegation of rape and being investigated for human trafficking at the time of his death.

Hof has been accused of sexual assault on at least three occasions since 2005 at his rural Nevada brothels.

Just Monday, Hof had a birthday party and campaign rally in Pahrump, as he prepared to compete in the general election for a seat in the House of Representatives.

DailyMail reports that the Las Vegas brothel has now been shut down following Hof's death.

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