Reality star Kendall Jenner takes second restraining order on 'stalker'

Reality star Kendall Jenner takes second restraining order on 'stalker' Naijaslog
American model and media personality, Kendall Jenner has been awarded a new restraining order against her alleged stalker — and with gossip website TMZ.

On Tuesday, John Ford was arrested after he was found sitting outside the home of the 22-year-old model for the second time in a week, meanwhile, on Friday he was officially ordered by a judge to stay 100 yards away from Kendall and her home at all times, in a temporary restraining order that Kendall applied for and was granted the same day.

TMZ reported, that Kendall stated in her declaration that she was at home on Tuesday when Ford rang her doorbell at 6:30 AM, before sitting on her front porch, where security spotted him and called the cops.

Kendall said: "The fact that he has continued to come to my home - despite all of my efforts to get him to stop - scares me."

Ford's arrest on Tuesday came after another incident last week, in which he scaled the mountainside at the back of the the gated complex where Kendall lives - where there is no security - and was spotted by Kendall's team sitting in her backyard by her pool.

Police were called at the time but Ford had gone by the time they arrived, and so no arrest was made until he was spotted once again on Kendall's front porch on Tuesday.

Following his arrest, 37-year-old Ford was being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold, but after a psychiatrist deemed him to be mentally stable on Wednesday, he was released.

However, on Thursday morning, just hours after he was released. the LAPD then swooped in to arrest Ford once again, booking him for criminal trespass and violating a restraining order.

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