Diddy reveals how he met and fell in love with Kim Porter

Music mogul, Diddy who turned up for the burial ceremony of his late baby mama alongside friends and loved ones, has revealed how he met and fell in love with Kim Porter.

Diddy who spoke for nearly 18 minutes as he paid tribute to the mother-of-four, crediting her with teaching him how to love, disclosed that she had helped him battle depression earlier this year. He said;

Anybody who knows Kim, she’s just a person you vibe with, you know? I can’t put your relationship into a certain box,’ ‘She always told me, she felt like God sent her here to help me out. I’d be like “Girl, what are you talking about.

He continued as everyone laughed. ‘I didn’t really understand how to love, I mean. We went through some circumstances, we didn’t have a big family and all that and she just really started breaking down the exterior in me and the shell that I put up.

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Diddy  who then revealed that he was ‘really depressed’ at the beginning of the year, disclosed that it was Porter who helped him through the darkness.

‘I was getting older, and I just went through a dark, dark time,’ he said. ‘And even though we wasn’t together, she was that type of person.’

‘She would come over and…she was just like, “Come on, Puff. You gotta get up. You gotta get up out the bed. You gotta get moving. You gotta get up.’

Kim Porter, 47, was laid to rest next to her mother after an emotional funeral in Columbus, Georgia on Saturday. According to Diddy,  the first time he saw Porter was during a recording session at Uptown Records in the early 1990s.

‘God, I hope one day I get me a girl like that,’ Diddy recalled thinking to himself at the time.

‘I would come into the office every day and she worked at the front desk,’ he continued. ‘And I would be so excited to come up in the elevator. To know that I was going to see her.’

The music executive also disclosed that he started off with Kim as friends, and that even from the beginning she was his ‘confidante’.

‘She was like my guidance, still is,’ he said. ‘I was just open. We fell in love and honestly, her love was too much for me to handle. It was a lot to handle, to take in.’

‘As time went on our relationship took so many changes from being boyfriend and girlfriend, to being lovers, to being best friends. To being just straight up homies, like, someone you know you can count on. Somebody that has your back, you have their back.’

Diddy who shares three children with Porter, their son Christian, 20, and 11-year-old twin daughters Jessie James and D’Lila, as well as Porter’s firstborn Quincy Brown, 27, also pledged to always be there for them at the funeral.

‘Your mother instilled in me this, and I pledge in front of everyone now, I will always be there for y’all,’ he told them.


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