'Cynthia Morgan lied' - OAP Do2dTun, Joey Akan reactions after Jude Okoye released contract papers

Since Jude Okoye released a copy of the contract his record label, Northside Entertainment, signed with Cynthia Morgan, many of the views shows that the singer lied to her fans.

In an Instalive session on Instagram, Cynthia had accused Jude of ruining her music career after she left his record label.

She claimed the contract made her lose her name, Instagram account, royalties and VEVO account  after this fall apart.

Okoye, who had earlier addressed the allegations in an interview, kept to his promise and made the contract available to the public to further counter all her claims.

The contract which was signed in October 2013, ran for 4 years and had a 2 year option renewal. It also had a 50-50 sharing formula.

Also, considering that Cynthia was a new artist at the time, Northside agreed to put up 100 per cent of the expense of which 50 would be deducted from the Morgan’s earnings.

Jude and Joy Tongo had earlier said Cynthia walked away from the record label without completing the tenure of the contract, and the management didn’t seek redress from a court of law.

Cynthia, who has been free since then still decided to blame the duo for her career misfortune.

The contract showed Cynthia Morgan omitted a lot of truth during her interview to gain sympathy from fans.

Entertainment writer, Joey Akan, who weighed in on the saga stated that the contract shows that Cynthia 'lied'.

Joey is of the opinion that the contract was a very fair deal and that Jude is the victim here.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "In an epic close of the saga, Cynthia Morgan lied through her teeth and whitewashed her bad behaviour to deceive you all for favours.

"This is what I call "Father Christmas" contract. Everything split in the middle, 50-50 between both parties. Jude signed to be a "helper."

"50% deducted from gross profit. She gets a bigger court. They cover everything, and she just sings, show up, look nice and perform. She also had a very strong grip on artistic control including content and image. Title of recording is also joint control. Sign me Oga Jude! Abeg!.

"For all of you bleeding hearters who rushed to attack Jude Okoye, who let her go after she walked away and didn't even take her to court for breaching the deal, owe him an apology. Artists dey suffer, but artists are also big defaulters. Jude Okoye is the victim here. Chai.

"Rewarding and 'helping' Cynthia Morgan is signalling to musicians that you can act against the very fabric of the industry, rubbish agreements, and still get sympathy from the people, and compassion from brands.

"Jude had grounds to go quench this girl career. And he didn't. How come she's attacking him for what? What is his crime? You technically drafted this contract, and if you had issues, this was meant to go to arbitration. Cynthia Morgan lied. She cried. Deceived all of you."

Also, CoolFm OAP,  Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode, popularly known as Do2dTun, has backtracked from his earlier support for Cynthia.

Do2dTun had tweeted this immediately after Cynthia's interview.

But after seeing the contract papers, he changed his mind.

He wrote on Twitter: "I have been in the Nigerian entertainment industry since 2004 and if there is anything the past couple of days have taught me, it is the importance of taking all sides of the story into consideration before forming an opinion.

"On the Cynthia Morgan story, I have taken notes from both Parties concerned & I can only say that I have been hasty in publicly forming an opinion.

"As one that has experienced the growth of the industry, I am without doubt that we will continue to improve on the conduct of business and the regard for the rule of law."


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